Pop Social Integrates Linea Mainnet Bringing Innovation to Community's Doorstep
March 26, 2024

Pop Social Integrates Linea Mainnet Bringing Innovation to Community's Doorstep

Pop Social announces its latest blockchain integration with the Linea mainnet to boost Web3 interoperability.

Every Web3 project's mission is to make an interoperable DApp to invite more users into the world of Web3. With Pop Social's mission of onboarding the next billion users to Web3, interoperability is something our team is constantly striving to achieve. So far, we are proud to have made several blockchain integrations to deliver seamless interoperability between popular and thriving blockchains.

Having begun our journey on BNB Chain, the Pop Team has made integrations with Polygon and Ethereum. Now, we are happy to announce our latest blockchain integration with the impressive Layer 2 (L2) chain Linea! This network, like Polygon, is a Layer 2 chain built over the Ethereum blockchain network. Now, the Pop Social Community can reap the full benefits of the Linea mainnet.

Welcoming the Consensys Scale and Linea Community

Pop Social is pleased to be working with Consensys Scale, a leading blockchain and Web3 software company at the forefront of innovation within the industry. It is through Consensys Scale's impressive product suite, that the Pop Team is integrating support for the Linea Chain. Upon bridging to Linea, we will soon build on its ecosystem.

With this latest integration launched, Pop Social is eager to welcome Linea native users to the Pop Social Ecosystem. Linea represents the next evolution of ConsenSys zkEVM, powering a new generation of DApps built on Ethereum. This secure zkEVM ecosystem empowers DApps to thrive and Pop Social is thrilled to bring that dedication and security to the Pop DApp and its users.

The chain is on a mission to empower a new generation of builders and reward innovation without the constraints of Ethereum's heavy costs and scalability challenges. As an innovative L2 chain, Linea envisions itself as a line connecting Ethereum's past and present to bring to life a brighter future for all DApps built on the chain.

So far, Linea is home to many DeFi, and gaming projects and Pop Social is eager to bring SocialFi into this space as well! Linea's native users can now experience the exciting features of Pop Social and leverage content and ownership economy to elevate their social reputation.

Pop Social integrates with Linea

Pop Social and Linea

By integrating with the Linea mainnet, our team is thrilled to offer more opportunities for our beloved Poppers. They can now thrive in new Web3 spaces and experience interoperability across chains in terms of migrating and establishing their social reputations across new blockchain realms.

Linea is a developer-first zk-rollup solution. This means Linea is trying to deliver zk-rollups in a way that would support the environment for developers without any friction. The Pop Team can bring more to our community in a seamless manner, from lower gas fees to faster transactions to heightened security and much more.

With each new integration to the Pop Social Ecosystem, we take one step closer to onboarding the next billion users to Web3. Our team is happy to see the Pop community grow and welcome new members with every integration to the Pop DApp. For Linea, we will merge directly with the mainnet leaving now extra steps for our community to fully experience everything Linea has to offer.

Thank you Poppers for your continued support and dedication to our SocialFi project! Stay tuned for more exciting news soon!

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