Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 Close Signals Start of Season 2
April 28, 2024

Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 Close Signals Start of Season 2

Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 successfully closes and Season 2 begins immediately as Poppers await rewards.

A hearty hello to our globally decentralized creative community! Before we get into the details of this announcement, our team would like to take a moment to commend all our active Poppers across the globe. Your drive and dedication to unlocking the potential of SocialFi and leveraging the creator economy through our latest in-app event will soon be reflected in your exclusive event earnings. Let's empower Web3 together and unlock a greater creator economy together Poppers!

As a special reward for your active community participation, the Pop Team is happy to launch Season 2 of the Pop Social Leaderboard Competition immediately following the end of Season 1.


Leaderboard Competition Season 1 ends: April 27, 23:59 UTC

Leaderboard Competition Season 2 starts: April 28, 00:00 UTC

Season 1 Prize Distribution

The Pop Team will have all records of your scores saved as soon as Season 1 ends. Following the end of Season 1, the Leaderboard will be reset for Season 2. As Poppers accumulate points during Season 2, the Pop Team will work behind the scenes to tally your points from Season 1 to determine prize distribution. Please be aware that this phase will take two weeks. So every Popper qualifying for prizes from Season 1 will receive their share of the prize pool two weeks after Season 1 ends.

We encourage all Poppers to remain active and participate in the Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 2 for another chance to win from a massive $PPT prize pool, especially for Poppers who missed out on Season 1. Will Season 2 see a higher score than Season 1? Show us what you got Poppers!

How Is Season 2 Different From Season 1?

Point accumulation for Season 2 follows the same parameters as Season 1. To highlight, all organic, insightful, and genuine engagements on the Pop DApp will increase your score on the Leaderboard. The more active you are on the Pop DApp, the more points you can accumulate. These actions and engagements include but are not limited to Pop Profile metrics like nickname, description, and banner along with user growth metrics like completed referrals.

Additionally, greater engagements on the Pop DApp will give you the chance to accumulate a higher range of points per action. For instance, point accumulation is strongly influenced by users' account level, on-chain transactions, opening Treasure Chests, and holding Pop Social NFTs. You can also note that holding your NFT for 720 hours will accumulate the full range of points reserved for this engagement. However, holding for 360 hours will give you half the score.  

Pop Social Leaderboard Competition: Season 2

As confirmed in the details above Season 2 will commence immediately upon the completion of Season 1. Do not be alarmed if your name on the Leaderboard resets. Our team will have Season 1 Leaderboard details recorded and prizes will be distributed two weeks from end time. As you wait for your hard-earned rewards, we hope you will keep the competition alive by giving your all for Season 2!

We can't wait to see what new creative endeavors flow in this new season. Keep innovation alive and collaborate with your fellow Poppers to dominate the Leaderboard! More epic prizes are in store for our beloved community. Stay tuned for more prize-related details, and most importantly, have a blast!

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