Pop Social Set to Onboard 1 Million Creators and Innovators
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Set to Onboard 1 Million Creators and Innovators

Pop Social is thrilled to share that our Creator Program has made it into top-tier media houses! Having our story featured in prominent media houses is a welcome dose of serotonin that further fuels our team to continue delivering on our goal to make Web3 accessible to the global masses. The Pop DApp is the ideal Web3 social media app geared to funnel traditional social media users to leverage the ownership economy brought on by blockchain technology.

Pop Social gives every creator and user on its platform the ability to make the best of the benefits that come with Web3 and blockchain technology. For instance, every interaction and engagement on the Pop DApp will be rewarded with the platform's native token $PPT. By holding PPT, you can avail exclusive perks such as unlocking special features on the platform and gaining access to additional rewards such as rare Pop Social NFTs and limited edition Pop Social merchandise.

Above all, Pop Social built its ecosystem with the promise of putting creators in the middle. By holding PPT, creators have the chance to exercise power and practice governance in the Pop Social Ecosystem. They can now forge a strong and cohesive community that will pave the future of the Pop Social ecosystem together. The more active a creator is on Pop Social, the more social recognition they gain.

Thus, Pop Social's Creator Program is a great way to get ahead of the competition. The shift from traditional social media platforms to far superior Web3 social media platforms is inevitable. You can take advantage of the Pop Social Creator Program now and begin shifting your traditional social media accomplishments onto the Pop Social Ecosystem. The Pop Social platform has many perks in store for you and your biggest fans. You can read more about the significance of the Pop Social Creator Program from the articles below.

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As you can see, Pop believes that creators are the heartbeat of the digital entertainment industry. This is why it is imperative for all of you to leverage content ownership and claim true social recognition. Allow the Pop Social Creator Program to assist you in this journey.  

The Pop team just launched Pop 2.0. It's not too late to join the Pop DApp and get started on discovering your digital Web3 social lifestyle. Feel free to explore the app and share your quality feedback with us. The Pop Social Bug Bounty Program will reward all unaddressed bugs you report.

Also, note that all testers will be rewarded with an exclusive Genesis Pop NFT + Token Airdrop at a later date. As the official launch date of the Pop social media app for Web3 approaches, you can prepare for the reveal by following our social and community channels and inviting your friends and family to set up a Pop Social account today.

Download the Pop DApp today and get started on your Pop Social journey!

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