Pop Social Launches Referral Program, Elevates Pop SocialFi Experience
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Launches Referral Program, Elevates Pop SocialFi Experience

The Pop User Referal Program is ready to go, share your Pop Invitation Codes and get started.

Pop Social is a Web3 social media platform driven to empower content creators and consumers in equal measure. Also referred to as the Pop DApp, the Pop social media app is the first Web3 and AI-powered product developed by Pop Labs. It is the ultimate gateway to Web3 social media. To tokenize time and value in the social media sphere, Pop Labs has cracked to code via the Pop DApp.

By joining forces with prominent figures in the economic and Web3 industry, Pop Social has developed a sustainable tokenomics model. This partnership with Prysm Group has allowed Pop Social to provide a secure space for creators to thrive in a Web3 social space. Pop Social foresees a fast-approaching time where traditional social spaces will likely become obsolete due to a lack of value, ownership, security, and accountability.

This is why Pop Social will onboard the next billion users to Web3. Pop Social offers SocialFi perks right now with Pop DeFi perks following after. Using Soulbound Tokens, Pop Social will allow every user to carry their established accomplishments and reputation from traditional Web2 spaces into the Pop Web3 space.

So, following the successful launch of Pop 2.0, Pop is launching its Pop User Referral Program to help the Pop Community grow further. Help us onboard the next 1 billion users to Web3 by starting with the first 1 million! Besides this Pop User Referal Program, the Pop Social Ecosystem has many other reward programs and rewards-based activities on the Pop DApp. We'll explore the perks of this Pop User Referral Program, other Pop Social rewards, the progress of the Pop DApp, and much more on this blog.

Pop Social Is the Key to Leverage Ownership Economy

Every user on the Pop Social Ecosystem will leverage content and ownership economy. The Pop social media app for Web3 puts content creators and consumers in the middle. It rewards innovation, originality, and creativity by giving creators the right to own their content. Pop DApp users will also have the ability to turn their original content into NFTs. It will even offer an AI-powered content generation tool to eliminate the barrier to creation. This way, every user on the app can become a Pop Social creator and earn value in the Pop Social Ecosystem.

For now, both the NFT minting and AI-generated content features have yet to debut. The Pop DApp has progressed immensely in just a few months, but we are still in our beta phase. For now, users and testers of the Pop DApp can explore released features to acquaint themselves with the Po Social Ecosystem. After all, the Pop DApp recently launched its Pop 2.0 version, and there is much to explore with just this update.

Pop 2.0 made its debut on Pop Social

With this Pop 2.0 launch, Pop Labs is thrilled to have its first Pop SocialFi product fulfill this latest milestone. Pop Labs has had an incredibly productive few months by showcasing Pop Dapp's progress in prominent events such as Miami Web3 and Consensus 2023. The Pop social media app for Web3 has successfully transitioned from its alpha to beta testing and the present Pop 2.0 version is the fruit of months of testing feedback.

The team behind the Pop DApp is constantly hard at work. The Pop Social community shares daily quality feedback, which in turn helps the Pop Social tech team to push new updates in a timely manner. Every Pop DApp update is thanks to the dedicated, vigilant, and loyal Pop Social community. To reward the Pop Social community, Pop 2.0 came with fabulous new features.

These features not only improve the Pop Dapp experience but also reward Pop DApp users in many ways. The most recent addition to the Pop DApp rewards option is the Pop User Referral Program. This is a welcome way for Pop DApp users to earn value by sending invites to potential new users via their referral code. The inviter will earn more rewards based on their invitees' engagement with the Pop DApp.

How To Get Started With Pop Social's Pop User Referral Program

The Pop 2.0 version of the Pop DApp introduces a new functioning feature that presents a new form of optimizing earned rewards for all Pop DApp users. This function is the invite function on the Pop DApp. As enjoyable as it is to engage with a Web3 social media app for rewards, it's not as fun unless you have your friends and family to share it with. Thus, Pop Social presents the Pop User Referral Program.

It's no secret that every engagement on the app contributes to your daily PPT earnings. The more one engages with content and fellow users on the Pop DApp, the more PPT they earn in the long run. But what if you had a super busy day and you barely got some Pop DApp engagements on that day? Fear not, your invitees have got you covered! The Pop Social Ecosystem is rewarding your dedication to the platform by allowing you to benefit from the daily engagements clocked in by your invitees.

In detail, the Pop Social platform will reward you for two invitation chains. For instance, if you invite a user to join and actively engage with the Pop DApp, then you earn 5% of their total earned PPT for that day. Now, if this invited user goes on to invite another new user and they join and actively engage with the Pop DApp, then you earn 3% of their total earned PPT for that day. That's a total of 8% of PPT you could earn every day without breaking a sweat.

The Pop User Referral Program is ready for you

Now imagine inviting more than 1 invitee, and that invitee invites more than 1, need we say more? Note that the PPT you earn from your invitees does not come out of their own earned PPT for the day, but rather an additional amount for the inviter. Also, this chunk you earn from your invitees only comes from the PPT they earned solely based on Pop DApp engagements and not from other PPT generation sources like swaps, exchanges, or airdrops.

Now you know that each invitation code is valid for two rounds of invitations to bring in referral rewards. So, every inviter can share their invitation code with their invitee and be assured that they will leverage it for an additional round of referral rewards when the invitee shares their personal invitation code with their set of invitees.

Let's get started Poppers! Go forth and invite friends, families, colleagues, anonymous Internet contacts, your favorite social media influencers, gifted social media creators, talented artists, and even strangers on chance encounters, because why not? Just know that if you refer someone who spends time on their phones, scrolling through content for hours and hours, then you'll know for sure that you can all help each other generate value in the form of PPT via the Pop DApp.

Steps To Find and Share Your Pop Invitation Code

Here's a simple guide to joining the Pop User Referral Program! If you're ready to send out your Pop Social Invitation Code, here's what you need to do.

Step 1

Open the Pop App and sign in if you aren't already.

Step 2

Click the bottom right icon that takes you to your Pop account profile.

Step 3

Click 'Invite Friends' on the top center or click the gear icon on the top right corner to open 'Settings'. Click Invite.

Step 4

Copy or download an image of your Invitation Code to share with your invitees.

Get started with the Pop User Referral Program

That's all it takes to start your quest on the Pop User Referral Program. Note that the 'Link Invitation Code' box below your Invitation Code is where your invitees will have to type in your Invitation Code on their Pop Social account. To link to an Invitation Code, make sure to link the chain link image on the right side of the Enter Code option. By doing so, the Pop DApp will recognize the connection between your accounts and will reward you within the Pop Social Ecosystem forever. You can also track your invitees as well as your earning in this section.

For a little challenge, try and be creative when sharing your Invitation Code. Download an image showcasing the code from the Pop DApp and broadcast it via stories and posts on your existing traditional social media accounts. Either way, get your family, friends, and followers to join in on the fun and gift them with the wonder of SocialFi via the Pop DApp.

Let's get the party started Poppers! The Pop User Referral Program is waiting to welcome your referrals. Leverage this opportunity now so we can celebrate 1 million Pop Social users soon!

Download the Pop Social DApp:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store