Calling All Creators, Get Verified on Pop DApp and Become a Pop Star NOW
May 31, 2024

Calling All Creators, Get Verified on Pop DApp and Become a Pop Star NOW

Get your Pop Social account verified and begin your journey to becoming a Pop Star on the Pop DApp.

New campaign alert! After the intensely rapid growth of our incredible Pop community, Pop wants to shine the spotlight on you! Creators are running the world and Pop Social is empowering you to make the best of the content and ownership economy. By bestowing the Pop DApp to you, our dearest Pop community, we're opening a portal for you to conquer Web3 social media.

As always, we're looking for ways to elevate all our precious Pop Creators every day, and so allow us to give you the chance to go from a Pop Social Creator to a Pop Star!

Pop Creator to Pop Star

Step into the spotlight on the Pop DApp with our exciting 2-month campaign! Showcase your talent via top-notch content, amplify your follower count, and enhance your Pop post interactions to earn the esteemed Pop Star status and official verification.

Join us in this epic journey where 20 exceptional winners will share a 50,000 PPT token prize pool, along with exclusive Pop Social merchandise! What's more? We'll give each winner a special shout-out on our official Twitter page.

The competition begins on August 21, 2023, and will run till October 21, 2023. That's right Poppers, you've got two whole months to go absolutely ham and push your innovation beyond its borders. Get creative, get weird, get crazy! Most of all, have fun and take this opportunity to connect with your ever-growing Pop community!

At the end of the line, our panel will handpick 20 outstanding players, each receiving a Microphone icon badge, a stylish Pop T-shirt, 2500 PPT tokens, and an exclusive Discord role. Additionally, every winner will bask in the limelight with a dedicated tweet featuring them on our Pop Twitter account.

Perks of Pop Verification

Verified Pop user/creator accounts get special perks within the Pop Social Ecosystem. In detail, verifying your Pop account will give you the following benefits on the Pop DApp.

  • Earn more PPT
  • Gain higher exposure on the Pop Dapp
  • Exercise full ownership of your content and intellectual property
  • Gain unmatched social recognition
  • Verify off-chain reputation
  • Connect and collaborate with a decentralized community
  • Mint original and unique Creator NFTs
  • Stand as a community leader and practice governance

How to Become a Pop Star

Here's what you need to do to embark on your journey to becoming a Pop Star. Entering and qualifying cannot be simpler. Simply head to: and fill out your application.

Once that's done, go berserk on your creativity! With no limits and high-quality posts, you'll already be engaging with the Pop DApp. Make sure to share your content with the community on Discord or tag us when you tweet.

Our team will evaluate your performance based on post quality, engagement, follower growth, and your overall standing in our community.

Tips from Pop Team

1. Post about Pop on your other social media platforms to increase your chance of winning

2. Leverage your clout to refer your followers and welcome them to the Pop DApp, have them use your referral code and gain additional PPT

Join us in making the Pop DApp experience truly exceptional! Your time to shine is here and now.

Download the Pop DApp:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store