How To Earn PPT: A Pop Social Guide To Earning Pop Tokens (PPT)
May 31, 2024

How To Earn PPT: A Pop Social Guide To Earning Pop Tokens (PPT)

Check out this Pop Social guide to the many ways Pop Dapp users can earn Pop Tokens (PPT).

The Pop Token (PPT) is the native token of the Pop Social Ecosystem. The Pop DApp is where your PPT can be found in the top-left corner within the Pop Wallet. There are many ways to earn PPT, while the simplest way is to engage with the Pop DApp, the Pop team also rewards PPT to active community members. This includes community activities, games, and contests on the official Pop social media and community channels.

Let's have a closer look at the many ways you can earn PPT.

Pop DApp Engagement

The best and most simplest way to earn PPT is to engage with content, creators, and users on the Pop DApp. You can download the app for Android or iOS and get started. The Pop Social Ecosystem emits approximately 60 tokens per minute, this amounts to around 2.6 million tokens per month. These tokens can be earned by all active Pop Dapp users. The amount of tokens each user can earn will depend on a few factors.

To elaborate, each user will earn based on their interactions made on the Pop DApp. This includes engagements and actions such as posting, liking, commenting, sharing, completing missions, referring friends, following creators, and much more. Each user earns a share of interactions generated per minute. Furthermore, each interaction is weighed against all other users interacting on the platform at that minute.

PPT can be found in the Pop Wallet on the Pop DApp

This is why tokens earned by each user may vary depending on the interactions made, time of interactions, number of active users on the platform, and so on. Moreover, users earn their share of approximately 60 tokens emitted per minute. At the moment, different interactions are weighed differently and the tech team is still fine-tuning the specifics as they are subject to change based on new features introduced to the Pop DApp.

Please be aware that the Pop team is doing their best and is tuning our parameters to create a fair and sustainable emissions model. This model will adapt to the users of the Pop Social Ecosystem's behavior. Rest assured, we will always update our beloved Pop community when changes are set in motion.

Pop Twitter Interactions

Another way to score yourself some PPT is to stay vigilant and active by following and hitting the notifications button on our official Twitter page. We post constant updates about the Pop DApp and more importantly, we do giveaways for Pop merch, Pop NFTs, or PPT, depending on the occasion. We also host mini contests and exciting campaigns which open more opportunities to win and claim PPT.

You can also follow our exclusive Twitter community page as well. Say hello to fellow Pop Creators and find additional chances to win PPT from the exclusive events and giveaways on this page as well. Right now, we have active PPT giveaway events and ongoing contests to win a heft bag of PPT. The latest of which is celebrating International Cat Day with cat memes. Treat yourself and check those out!

The community gets to vote for the winning cat memes, so definitely join Discord for that announcement. Stick around and stay active for more fun chances to snag some extra PPT!

Pop Discord Participation

Similar to Twitter interactions, we do a lot of contests, on-the-spot games, quizzes, events, and giveaways on our Discord channel as well. Both our Twitter and Discord channels have been growing rapidly and we've welcomed a great wave of new Poppers to the Pop Social community!

You can join our official Pop Discord channel now to meet the community and stay active to win PPT via Discord! We'll be making more PPT giveaway announcements soon, so keep a close eye and stay active!

Pop Zealy and Gleam Campaigns

Another huge event to win PPT is to join and participate in our Zealy campaign. The prize pool is 10,000 PPT. So throw your hat in the ring, complete the missions, and claim your XP. The higher your score, the more likely you chance to win a huge chunk of PPT from the 10,000 PPT prize pool.

Similarly, we also have a Gleam campaign going! This one is a little special. You may know that the Pop Social team is just a few weeks away from releasing our first Pop NFT collection. In fact, this first release will debut a Cybeast Clan known as Popbits. The Popbits will be a Pop Genesis NFT Collection release and will be a limited collection. The Gleam campaign gives you a chance to secure a whitelist spot for a Pop Genesis NFT along with PPT rewards. You definitely do not want to miss this one.

We'll have plenty more competitions to give you a chance to win more PPT and Pop Genesis NFT whitelists in the near future. Make sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter and Discord channels for big announcements. Perhaps, our next competition will be within the Pop DApp itself, so make sure to have your Pop account charged and ready!

Pop Community Support

As a brand that puts the community in the middle, Pop Social appreciates when the community gives back. Our Web3 social media experience is tailored to you, to empower you and elevate your Web3 social experience. Therefore, for all the help, determination, loyalty, and assistance you give us, Pop Social will always give back.

So, active and dedicated members who support our project and our community by bringing value will be given value in return. Active members who write articles, make videos, post social content about Pop Social, report scams, and help new Poppers navigate and integrate with the Pop DApp and the Pop Social community would be likely to receive surprise prizes.

Get ready to welcome the Popbits as a community

The Pop team is humbled to see our community growing so fast. We're working on bringing you the greatest Web3 social media experience with the Pop DApp. With a lot of new features in the pipeline, we hope you stick around for the big reveals! Until then, feel free to engage with the app and the community and we'll do everything in our power to keep you happy and entertained. Once again, thank you for your continued support dear Poppers!

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