Claim Legendary Pop Creator Status on Pop Social with Pop Star Badges
March 26, 2024

Claim Legendary Pop Creator Status on Pop Social with Pop Star Badges

Pop Social ignites passion for content creators across the globe with its new Pop Star badge feature.

Pop Social is all about empowering creators and its Pop Star program has opened the doors for quality content creators to leverage ownership economy on a higher plane. With the growing popularity of onboarding more and more Pop Stars to the Pop Social Ecosystem, Pop Social is now bringing to light a tiered Pop Star program to help quality creators find their niche audience to further maximize their earnings alongside their Pop Creator experience.

Pop Stars can claim their specific badges depending on the standards and criteria set by the Pop Social team. In an effort to empower creators across the world, Pop Social is ready to award between 1000-5000 Pop Star badges for creators hailing from all corners of the world and showcasing various interests and skills. Influencers and creators of multiple backgrounds will be given a share of the spotlight!

Keepers of these limited Pop Star badges will enjoy many perks in the Pop Social Ecosystem. For instance, you will gain exclusive access to the Discord social media channel, where you will be privy to early news, sneak peeks, and access to Pop Social events, and product features. These perks include but are not limited to priority pushing of your content, community airdrops, guaranteed Genesis NFT WL, and much more.

How To Get Your Pop Star Badge

Getting your Pop Star badge is easy. You can claim and keep your Pop Star badge for as long as the team's criteria are met. All applicants must have between 5,000 to 1 million across traditional Web2 platforms. Another option is to have a Pop Social account which consistently produces high-quality posts. This account must have at least 500 followers, a minimum of 100 non-text posts, and an average engagement rate that surpasses the usual user metrics.

Eager Creators can express their interest by submitting an application on our website. Alternatively, they can directly contact 'avacocoapow' on Pop Social or Discord. Upon receiving your Pop Social badge, you will undergo an onboarding and validation period of 1 month. Badge holders must ensure they meet and maintain certain KPI standards on the platform. The Pop Team will hold periodic reviews, so make sure to meet your benchmark or risk losing your shiny Pop Star badge.

Get started as a verified Pop Star today

Maintain Your Status To Level Up Your Badge

The Pop Social team understands your priorities as a creator. Our KPI standards will help you on your journey to leverage your journey as an independent creator on the Pop Social Ecosystem. To keep your Pop Star badge, simply complete the following Pop Star Missions.

  • Content Creation: Produce at least 4 high-quality posts weekly and maintain proactive engagement with followers and comments.
  • Engagement: Target 15,000 combined likes, comments, and shares per month.
  • Creator Spotlight: Secure a minimum of 2 features in the Creator Spotlight each quarter.
  • Community Airdrop Eligibility: Actively participate in community airdrops.
  • Content Creativity: Consistently receive positive feedback for originality.
  • Refer: Make 1 weekly referral.
  • Community Impact: Make meaningful contributions to community discussions and maintain a positive sentiment within the Pop Social community.
  • Brand Alignment: Regularly produce content in alignment with Pop Social's brand values.

As for the badge tiers and perks:

  • Bronze Badge: Grants access to the Discord channel and early event previews.
  • Silver Badge: By achieving content creation and engagement metrics, recipients get priority in Creator Spotlight and become eligible for community airdrops.
  • Gold Badge: Achievers of Creator Spotlight and community airdrop metrics are granted access to the Genesis NFT whitelist and exclusive workshops/webinars.
  • Platinum Badge: Reserved for top performers; includes personalized onboarding for novel features and brand collaboration opportunities.
Claim the Pop Star badge that best suits you

Pop Star badge holders will carry an aura of social recognition everywhere they go. As proud advocates of Pop Social, you must act steadfastly as brand ambassadors for Pop Social. You will also lead the front lines by playing an active role in promoting major campaigns by Pop Social and endorsing Pop Social on other social media platforms.

We look forward to welcoming you with your shiny Pop Star badge dear Pop Creator. Set your sights on the big picture, we'll see you there!

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