What Can Pop Social Creators Do With Pop Tokens (PPT)?
May 31, 2024

What Can Pop Social Creators Do With Pop Tokens (PPT)?

Pop Creators can accomplish a lot in the Pop Social Ecosystem with the PPT they earn.

Pop Social embodies Web3 social media. In this spirit, we put our users in the middle. Both content consumers and content creators especially make up the center of our ecosystem. Traditional social media tends to give more to its creators than its consumers.

However, even in these instances, creators don't get what they deserve. Often they are forced to share profits, risk personal information leaks, and lean on intermediaries to get what is considered best for their time, dedication, and innovation.

Pop Labs sees these discrepancies and unfairness and presents the Pop Social Ecosystem to level the social media sphere with the power of blockchain technology and Web3 benefits.

The Pop DApp Brings Web3 Social Media to Life

The journey to empower creators on the Pop Social platform begins with Pop Social's decentralized Pop App (Pop DApp). The Pop Dapp is currently running on testnet and will soon make its debut on the mainnet.

Until then, the Pop team is working in overdrive to bring the best possible version of the Pop DApp to life. So far, Pop users are making their names as Pop Creators on the Pop Social Ecosystem. We've had a massive surge in users and user activity over the past few weeks and are encouraging all Poppers to earn Pop Tokens (PPT) by engaging regularly with the Pop DApp. Once it goes live on the mainnet, active users will receive non-test PPT via airdrop at a later date.

After all, Pop Tokens are arguably the most essential tool on the Pop DApp which will empower Pop Creators to unlock the best of their abilities in the Pop Social Ecosystem. Let's go into detail and have a look at all you can accomplish with PPT as a Pop Social Creator on the Pop DApp.

Pop Creators and the Power of PPT

Pop DApp creators can earn PPT on the Pop Social Ecosystem in many ways. In particular, they can earn PPT on the Pop DApp directly by posting content and engaging with content. Any posts, likes, comments, shares, and follows will contribute towards their PPT earnings.

Meanwhile, they can even earn PPT outside the Pop Dapp by following official Pop Social channels like Twitter and Discord and actively participating in community events. Here's a more elaborate blog about how earning PPT works for all Pop Social users.

However, for Pop Creators specifically, you have the chance to earn PPT in additional ways. For instance, one specific way of earning PPT for Pop Creators is by gaining PPT in the form of tips from content consumers on the Pop DApp. Your fans and followers can give you PPT for your innovation and hard work directly.

Pop Creators can earn PPT in many ways

In addition, you can also gain PPT from users if they choose to stake their PPT to you as a Pop Creator. This means you gain regular revenue in the form of PPT from every Pop Social user who becomes a loyal fan of your content. Now, let's dive into what Pop Creators can do with Pop Tokens (PPT).

Here's How Pop Creators Can Use PPT

There are many ways for Pop Creators to use their hard-earned Pop Tokens (PPT).

Minting Creator NFTs: Pop Creators can use PPT to turn their original unique content into NFTs. These creator NFTs can be minted within the Pop DApp in the Pop NFT Marketplace. Once minted, creator NFTs can be purchased by users, fans, and followers. In turn, creators gain more PPT and can even mint their own NFT collections to display if they so wish.

Launch Subscriptions: Pop Creators can keep some of their content hidden from non-subscribed Pop users. This premium content can only be viewed by Pop users who choose to subscribe to the creator. In turn, creators will gain more PPT for the higher number of subscriptions they attain.

Boost Purchases: Pop Creators can showcase their content to gain more subscribers and followers. In order to gain content and profile visibility to boost purchases, PPT can be used. Similarly, campaign purchases can also be made with the use of PPT.

Give to Your Audience: Pop Creators can give back to their dedicated fans and followers by using PPT in Raid-to-Earn events of campaigns. These events could even draw in more Pop users to their page, especially if the campaign is boosted. Similarly, for the most loyal and active fans and followers, Pop creators can have PPT giveaways to boost morale and engagement. These activities will give your followers a wholesome experience on the platform.

Give to the Ecosystem: Holding PPT gives Pop Creators the chance to exercise power in the Pop Social Ecosystem. This means creators can do more by actively taking part in the decisions that affect the platform's future. A portion of Pop Creators' PPT spending will also go to the PPT Treasury, which in turn, comes back to Pop creators and users. Thus, the Pop Social Ecosystem will always flow seamlessly.

Pop Creators can use PPT in many ways

Become a Pop Creator Today

The Pop team is eager to welcome all future creators across the world. You can get started today by downloading the Pop DApp and creating your account. You can even go a step further and become an official Pop Creator by verifying your Pop Social account here. This will allow you to portal your existing social media accomplishments and reputation into the Pop Social Ecosystem. Hurry and start your Pop Creator journey today.

You'll be just in time to snag your whitelist spot for the first Pop NFT drop. Our Pop Genesis NFT campaign will start soon. To grab your Popbit Pop NFT, keep a close eye on Twitter and Discord and stay active on the Pop DApp. See you there!

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