Shine the Spotlight on the PPT Community Sale to Become an Official Pop Star
April 24, 2024

Shine the Spotlight on the PPT Community Sale to Become an Official Pop Star

Make some innovative noise about the PPT Community Sale and you could become a Pop Star.

Pop Social is celebrating the successful speedy closing of Round 1 of the PPT Community Sale by giving back to the Web3 community! In this special Pop Stars campaign, the Pop Team is rolling out the red carpet to elevate the experience of our beloved Pop Creators. Step up to the call and seize the chance to go from a Pop Creator to a Pop Star!

To all our passionate creators and promoters, we're presenting a golden opportunity! Please note that only recognized KOLs on the Pop Social DApp who hold the Verified Creator icon on the Pop DApp can participate. However, if you'd like to get verified and begin your journey as a Pop Creator you can @avacocoapow on the official Pop Social Discord channel named lets-shine to get started. All verified Pop Creators now have the chance to ascend as our elite Pop Stars.

As Pop Stars, you can unlock the following perks:

Greater Exposure: Your posts, consistent with our community guidelines and branding, will make it onto our website landing page for ONE month.

Higher Engagement: Witness a surge of traffic to your captivating content.

Early Updates: Get exclusive, firsthand updates about everything new on the Pop DApp.

Core Community: Build a close-knit relationship with our team and dive into exclusive, reward-rich campaigns.

Here's How You Can Become a Pop Star

The playbook for participating is simple, just follow the rules below and you've already begun!

Elevate our PPT Community Sale on Pop Social for awesome rewards:

You can do so by sharing our official event images, sharing posts from our official blog page, reposting/retweeting our social media posts, or, better yet, you can craft an original post or video of your own and post it on Pop Social! Note: Crafting original content will boost your chances of being selected.

Broaden the message on three or more platforms:

Post any or all of the above on three or more platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

Ensure to include the right #: Make sure all your reposts, retweets, and original posts have #popsocial, #popcommunitysale, and #popstars in your captions on both Pop Social and all the other platforms.

Guidelines for Original Content

Feel free to explore your niche. Dive into pop memes, or share your views on the latest news or trends. You can even introduce yourself and the PPT Community Sale event via engaging videos and more!

Submit Your Application

Ensure you meet the following checklist to confirm your eligibility:

  1. Share a screenshot of your profile page from the Pop Social app.
  2. Link your promotional efforts on the three third-party platforms.
  3. Mention @avacocoapow on the official Pop Social Discord channel named lets-shine.

Step up and sparkle with Pop Social! Ready to take the stage? Show us what you got Poppers!

Download the Pop DApp:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store