Dissecting Crypto Assets: Which Ones Does PopSocial Offer?
May 31, 2024

Dissecting Crypto Assets: Which Ones Does PopSocial Offer?

Blockchain technology has many crypto assets that fulfill a variety of roles and PopSocial offers a mix.

PopSocial is the ultimate social gateway to Web3 social media. PopSocial is presented by Pop Labs. In detail, PopSocial is Pop Labs's first Web3 solution geared at ushering in the next billion users to Web3. Web3 social media is the future and Pop Labs is hoping to give the masses the tools they need to thrive in the Web3 social media realm. PopSocial is built to offer a strong and sustainable blockchain ecosystem to creators and users alike.

PopSocial is a harmonic and favorable Web3 social media platform that benefits both creators and users. By accessing the PopSocial ecosystem through the Pop DApp, Pop Labs allows creators to own their content. By claiming true content ownership, creators can leverage both creator and ownership economy. Meanwhile, users on the Pop DApp can monetize their precious time on the PopSocial Ecosystem. For bringing value to the platform, PopSocial gives value in return to every creator and user via the form of PopSocial Tokens (PPT), PopSocial NFTs, PopSocial exclusive merchandise, and so much more!

Understanding PopSocial's Blockchain Potential

Blockchain technology gives us the ultimate power of vigilance. With this technology, we can track anything and everything from start to end and the entire journey in the middle. We can track data, processes, transactions, product journeys, and so much more. More importantly, we are guaranteed that the record is genuine, unfiltered, and trusted. Adding on, privacy and transparency are delivered as well. Therefore, PopSocial can deliver true social recognition and content ownership in a Web3 social media space.

Most importantly on the PopSocial Ecosystem, what allows us to do more on the blockchain besides just storing information is granting the use of cryptographic assets within the blockchain itself. These come in the form of unique digital assets known as tokens. The crypto universe is filled with all kinds of digital assets. Some have a dedicated role to fulfill within their respective blockchain ecosystems. In contrast, others play multiple roles within and between multiple blockchain networks. The PopSocial ecosystem has both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

There are many operations a crypto asset can perform. They can be platform tokens that give users governance power. They can hold utility features or act as securities, or they can simply hold monetary value and help process transactions on a blockchain. PopSocial's crypto assets hold a mixture of these functionalities. As for the tokens that came before, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is only used to transact payments. Meanwhile, some tokens and cryptocurrencies have multiple roles depending on how they are used.

PopSocial's crypto assets help us accomplish more with blockchain technology

Let's take Ether (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) for example. Both these tokens are cryptocurrencies. They hold monetary value and can be used to process transactions on their blockchains. They can be traded, bought, and sold. They can also be staked to redeem governance power. Crypto assets can fulfill many requirements and all these can be tracked and traced, thus providing accountability. PopSocial tokens can be the same.

Crypto Tokens 101

So what is the difference between a cryptocurrency and a token? This is simple. If a crypto asset runs on its own blockchain, then it is a cryptocurrency. Examples include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and Solana (SOL). In contrast, crypto assets that run on existing blockchain qualify as tokens. Examples include Compound (COMP), MakerDAO (DAI), and Chainlink (LINK). The PopSocial Ecosystem is multi-chain. It began running on the BNB chain and will later integrate with other blockchains. It has already been integrated with Polygon. Thus, the PopSocial Token (PPT) is a token.

Now that we understand cryptocurrencies and tokens, let's give stablecoins a moment in the spotlight. Stablecoins refer to crypto tokens that have their value pegged or tied to that of another currency or commodity. For example, Tether (USDT) is pegged to the US dollar. This means that for every USDT, there is a US dollar to back up its value. Similarly, Tether Gold (XAUT) is backed by the value of existing gold.

Crypto assets come in the form of many different crypto coins

The crypto assets we have gotten acquainted with so far have all been digital crypto coins. There are other crypto assets within the blockchain space that come in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). These types of tokens cannot be split and are usually only traded as a whole. They are the opposite of fungible tokens like Bitcoin and Ether. To put it simply, one can buy a part of a Bitcoin or Ether but not a part of an NFT.

NFTs are unique and come in different forms. This can be digital art, digital collectibles, digital tickets or passes, audio and video files, domain names, gifs, gaming items, and much more. NFTs, like other crypto assets mentioned above, can be bought, sold, traded, and transferred within the crypto and NFT market or to other NFT collectors. The value of each NFT is not fixed and changes with the market, just like cryptocurrency.

The PopSocial Ecosystem comes with a unique set of stylish NFTs. The PopSocial NFT Collections is inspired by the PopSocial lore which takes us to a slumbering city that came back to life after a very long time. Clans from all over this forgotten future travel back to CyberCity and begin to unravel its technological secrets. They also discover style and passion and come together to build a new and supportive community.

You will soon meet all of the clans that make up the PopSociale NFT Collection. The first of the PopSocial NFT Collection to make its debut will be the Cybeasts native to CyberCity. They go by the clan name Popbits! The PopSocial DApp will soon release the PopSocial Genesis NFT Collection featuring the Popbits. Get ready to claim your Popbit and trade for rare Popbits on the PopSocial NFT Market.

Non-Fungible Tokens are another type of crypto asset

Lastly, we will shed some light on Soulbound tokens (SBTs). These tokens are digital identity tokens. They can hold personal data and records of the individual who owns them. This data can be the holder's personal achievements throughout their time on the platform or from before. It can also carry information about the holders personal traits and features. SBTs are a huge breakthrough for digital verification and identification. These tokens prove the capabilities of its owner and they can never be traded or sold.

PopSocial Tokens 101

Web3 projects usually have a mix of crypto assets available in their ecosystem to offer an exciting and seamless experience. On PopSocial you will witness the magic of tokens by leveraging their many advantages. When you begin your journey on the Pop DApp you will be able to access PopSocial's native token PPT and claim a personalized PopSocial NFT. Once you claim your PopSocial NFT, you can empower it on the Pop Dapp by adding stylish and personalized NFT accessories to it. This will enable you to unlock more exciting features on the Pop Dapp. You will also receive a domain name NFT once you create your username.

As a true Web3 social media project, PopSocial wishes to empower its community and give you the power to govern the PopSocial Ecosystem. By doing so, active users and creators on PopSoical can decide what the future of the app will look like, and by extension, what their future will look like. Those who hold PopSocial Tokens (PPT), will be able to exercise power and make decisions pertaining to the future of the PopSocial Ecosystem.

PopSocial offers a variety of crypto assets on the PopSocial DApp

Soon, the Pop DApp will launch its NFT marketplace. Here PopSocial users can mint and trade their very own NFTs by turning original creative content into exclusive NFTs to delight fans and followers. They can also unlock or discover rare PopSocial NFTs to trade in the marketplace or to keep them and improve their PopSocial experience on the Pop DApp. In later phases, PopSocial will also introduce SBTs. This will allow creators, businesses, influencers, researchers, and more to migrate their achievements and reputation from traditional off-chain platforms into the Pop Social Ecosystem without compromising their private data or real-world identity.

PopSocial is very eager to bring all these amazing features to its community. Indeed, it's going to be a very exciting and eventful year for the PopSocial community. Presently, the PopSocial team is celebrating its first milestone by having launched the closed alpha testing phase of the Pop DApp. You can be an early alpha tester and share your valuable feedback in exchange for USDT rewards. Start your journey as an active PopSocial citizen now and help shape the future of the PopSocial Ecosystem today!

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