Get Your Pop Fashion on and Turn Up the Flair at the Pop Shop
May 31, 2024

Get Your Pop Fashion on and Turn Up the Flair at the Pop Shop

Pop Social nears the official unveiling of its Pop Shop, a phygical store where passion meets style.

Poppers worldwide have had a great time scoring exclusive Pop Social merchandise over the last year. From limited edition Popbit figurines to Pop Social t-shirts, your exclusive Pop Social merch has always been a delight to win. For months, the only way to access these cool Pop merch was by catching us at live events, joining online competitions, or being an active part of the Pop community.

Now we have unveiled the ultimate shopping destination to fulfill all your Pop Social needs. In a portal where passion meets fashion, get ready to explore the Pop Shop. Get ready to welcome and engage with a whole new suite of exciting Pop Social merchandise. This portal is more than just a way to showcase your Pop devotion.

The Pop Shop Awaits

Pop Social's Pop Shop will reveal new merch drops on its online store at every few intervals. Getting Pop swag at the Pop Shop is a way for you to welcome a new lifestyle and embody the Pop Social philosophy. We put our creators in the limelight and give you a platform to boost your talent and individuality. Put your authentic selves on display with the latest drip from the Pop Shop. Get ready to unlock a new level of Pop merch!

Get your official Pop Social merch at our phygital Pop Shop

So, what can you find at the Pop Shop? Starting with Pop Social merch you're familiar with the classic Pop t-shirts in their iconic colors and designs will certainly make their appearance. With this familiar merch is also the Popbit figurine. Perhaps in the future, we will unveil more Pop NFT figurines to make their NFT namesakes. Other new Pop Social merch will range from socks, airpod cases, bottles, towels, neck pillows, pillow covers, hats, puzzles, and much more. Keep an eye out for new releases periodically!

Get Your Pop Shop Merch

Reflecting the Pop Social mission of bridging the traditional web spaces to Web3, the Pop Shop will provide both digital and physical Pop Social merch. That's right, our 'Phygital' Pop Shop will cater to fans and users across all channels to best suit their mode of convenience. Thus, in the long run, payment options at the Pop Shop will cover both fiat and crypto modes.

In additional support, Pop Shoppers can get their hands on merch using Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, as well as cash and credit. On launch day you can complete your purchase with PayPal on cash until more options are introduced. All available items on the Pop Shop are now available as pre-sales. Therefore, all orders placed will reach you between 30-45 days. Some items may be seasonal or have limited availability, so make sure to place your orders before your Pop merch runs out to avoid waiting through a restocking phase.

Pop Shop for Pop Stars

While the Pop Shop is always stocked with Pop Social merch for Poppers everywhere, the Pop Shop will also host exclusive Pop Star merchandise for collaboration collections with our highly popular Pop Stars. Verified creators on the Pop Social ecosystem will hold special privileges for holding a Pop Star badge. This special slot for Pop Stars in the Pop Shops opens a unique opportunity for you to build and boost your own physical brand!

As an added bonus for launching your line of fashionable merch on the Pop Shop, your Pop Shop collaboration collections will also feature an NFT equivalent accessory NFT to accompany it. Thus, giving your fans the chance to own real-life merch + accessory NFTs featuring your merch as a delightful souvenir.

This initiative gives both Pop Stars and Poppers the chance to engage in the phygital realm as well. Get collaborating as creators, users, designers, entrepreneurs, and more. Pop Social will support all your dreams, and this is only just the beginning!

More Surprises Incoming

Pop Social has many more announcements waiting to reach your ears Poppers! The most exciting could be our Pop DAO unveiling. Stay tuned, for the detailed official announcement on our TwitterX and Discord channels. Make sure to stay active and engaged and get to know the Pop community. After all, it is you Poppers who will lead the Pop Social Ecosystem.

Perhaps it will be you making big decisions for the future of Pop Social. From prioritizing proposals to leading discussions on the next Pop NFT release to deciding what Pop Shop should release or stock up on next, there's a lot more power and responsibility coming your way. You've earned it Poppers, we're gonna fortify Pop Social for a decentralized future together!

If you've got ideas about what merch you'd like to see in the Pop Shop, contact our team on Discord or strike up a conversation with the Pop community to show us how much you want that new Pop merch! We'll see you dripping with more Pop style soon!

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