Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 Rewards Are Here, 100,000 $PPT Airdrop
May 15, 2024

Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 Rewards Are Here, 100,000 $PPT Airdrop

Get your share from a 100,000 $PPT prize pool for the Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 rewards now.

Rejoice Poppers! Your well-earned rewards from the Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 is finally here. The Pop Team would like to take a moment to congratulate every single one of you for earning your share and also thank you for your enthusiastic participation. We hope to see the same dedication and enthusiasm from our beloved community in future $PPT events!

Below is a detailed explanation of how the reward distribution from the Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 is determined along with the determined prize pool and how to claim your share. Please read on for clarity and find out how to claim your share.

100,000 $PPT Prize Pool

Active participation in the Pop DApp during the Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 determines your eligibility to claim from the decided 100,000 $PPT prize pool. The Pop Social team is pleased to have seen so many active participants during this competition!

To keep the reward distribution fair, and to reward the most active participants, our team made some serious decisions to ensure that our beloved community is compensated fairly for their time and dedication. Check out the details below to understand if and how you qualified for this reward drop.

Reward Distribution Details

To ensure a fair distribution of the Leaderboard Competition: Season 1 rewards, the Pop Team set a few solid metrics in place. We want to ensure that only genuine users and dedicated participants who put their time and creativity into the competition would claim a greater chunk from the prize pool as they earned it fairly.

Note that our reward metrics for this event are designed to honor those who actively participated on a daily basis. Therefore, participants who had 564 points or below at the end of the competition, which reflects very little activity during the event timeframe, do not qualify. Similarly, all spam, ingenuine, or duplicate accounts will also forfeit their points.

Thus, the remaining fair and active participants users will all qualify for their share of the prize pool! Please note that your claim share is determined by ranking and not in direct correspondence to the points you gained during the competition. Accordingly, the top 20 ranked players will claim the highest share of the prize pool, while the next 200 ranks of players will claim the second-highest share, and so on.

Reward AirDrop

Your rewards will be directly airdropped into your $PPT Wallet on the Pop DApp sometime this week. Keep an eye out as you stay active on Pop Social as your share of the 100,000 $PPT prize pool is on the way.

Leaderboard Competition Season 2

The competition is not over yet Poppers. The Leaderboard Competition: Season 2 is in full swing and Poppers across the world are more fired up than ever! Check out the Leaderboard for Season 2 on the Pop DApp and join the fun!

Boost your on-chain activities with our latest feature release, $PPT Staking, and pump your points on the Leaderboard. Every on-chain activity you do on the Pop Social ecosystem will add to your points. So hold tight to your Pop NFTs, invite your friends to join Pop Social, and get your creative juices flowing for this next leg!

You still have two solid weeks to climb the Leaderboard for Season 2. Take on the many opportunities to accumulate points and dominate for a greater share of the reward pool. Let's go Poppers!

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