Open Treasure Chests on the Pop DApp for a Chance to Unlock Popbit Accessory NFTs
May 31, 2024

Open Treasure Chests on the Pop DApp for a Chance to Unlock Popbit Accessory NFTs

Pop Social unveils Treasure Chests an exciting feature on the Pop DApp ushering the age of Accessory NFTs.

Pop Social unveils Treasure Chests an exciting feature on the Pop DApp ushering the age of Accessory NFTs.

The long-awaited arrival of an exciting an Pop feature on the Pop DApp is here! Dear Poppers, get ready to open your very own 'Lootboxes' on the Pop Social Ecosystem with the Pop Treasure Chests. The coming of Treasure Chests plays a greater role than bringing surprise and delight to our users. Most importantly, the arrival of Treasure Chests will usher in the age of Popbit Accessory NFTs.

If you're holding Pop NFTs, specifically the Pop Genesis NFT, the Popbits, then you must know that the Genesis Pop NFT Collection comes with its own set of unique Accessory NFTs. More so, each set of these NFT Accessories is tiered. Thus, the rarer the Accessory NFT unlocked from a Treasure Chest, the more value you add to your Pop Genesis NFT!

Pop Social Treasure Chests

This new exciting feature on the Pop DApp provides our users with a new level of engagement. To balance attractiveness to users with profitability for the platform, Pop Treasure Chests plays a delightful new way to boost the rewarding experience for our users. More so, Treasure Chests act as a token sink to aid in sustained economic development.

Each Pop Treasure Chest gives you the chance to win 1 of 4 types of prizes. These four prizes are Accessory NFTs, Whitelists for the next NFT launch, PPT giveaways, or physical Pop Social merch. Each prize type has a different value and a specific probability of being won. Above all, the system is designed to ensure that higher-value items are rarer, making the Treasure Chest both exciting and fair.

How Does it Work?

Poppers on the Pop DApp can spend 80 PPT to open a Treasure Chest. Opening a Treasure Chest on the Pop Social Ecosystem means you could walk away with a Popbit Accessory NFT, PPT, Whitelist for the next NFT launch, or a physical Pop Social Merch item.

In order of rarity, Treasure Chest will drop 1 of the following items to a user who opens them. The most likely prize is PPT Giveaways, followed closely by Accessory NFTs with Whitelist for the next NFT launch, and physical Pop Social Merch coming after.

More so, each of these 4 prizes has a layer 2 in terms of chance for prize drops. For instance, if your first chance probability gets you a PPT giveaway, the second layer will determine how much PPT you can unlock. This is defined by 4, 8, 12, 20, 26, 30, 40, 80, 100, or the big pot, 10,000 PPT. Hence, to get the most rare prizes, your Treasure Chest must beat two rounds of chance probabilities.

While PPT giveaways are structured as above, the other 3 prize types go as follows. Accessory NFTs' second layer of chance is defined by Common, Rare, and Legendary items, while Whitelist for the next NFT launch is set by 1, 2, and 3 Seasons' Vouchers. In the above three prize types, the prizes are tiered by decreasing probability from top to bottom prizes set. Lastly, physical Pop Social Merch is the only prize where each item has an equal chance of winning a Pop Social Bottle, Cap, or T-Shirt. Note that the final reward type is not available at the moment and will make its debut at a later date.

By setting these mechanics in place, our team has built a fair structure in engaging probabilities for each prize. In the long run, this ensures that Treasure Chests remains appealing to users whilst also maintaining an economic balance within the Pop Social Ecosystem. Ultimately, our goal is to create a fun and rewarding experience for our users that is also sustainable for the platform.

5000 Popbit Accessory NFTs Await You

Poppers are already aware that holding a Popbit Genesis NFT will give them a PPT earning boost on the Pop Social Ecosystem. Now, by holding Pop Accessory NFTs, they can further boost their earning rate on our platform.

Furthermore, Popbits come with their own set of unique Accessory NFTs. Thus, it is important to note that Accessory NFTs can only provide an earning boost when paired with the Popbit you hold in your Pop Wallet. In addition, every Accessory NFT is tiered based on rarity, which further influences your earning boost rate.

As you build your Popbit Accessory collection by opening Treasure Chests, you have the choice of growing your Popbit collection and styling them or you could trade them on the NFT Marketplace until you bag a rare or legendary Accessory NFT from the marketplace or a Treasure Chest.

Get Looting!

On launch day, the preliminary price to open a Treasure Chest is 80 PPT. Presently, 5000 Pop Accessory NFTs are waiting to be claimed. So make sure to pump up your PPT bag before heading off to loot Pop Treasure Chests in the hopes of unlocking the rarest prizes they have to offer!

You can pump your PPT bag by engaging with the app. Active participation in posting content and engaging with content will bring you a steady stream of PPT within the app. Meanwhile, you can also head out of the app to buy PPT directly on our partnered exchanges Bitmart,, Bybit, BingX, MEXC, or Bitget. Another option to gain more PPT is to actively participate in our official community events on Discord, WeChat, Telegram, and Twitter channels.

The Treasure Chests are a-coming, happy looting Poppers!

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