Boost Your Pop Social Earnings, Hold Pop Genesis NFTs to Earn More $PPT
May 31, 2024

Boost Your Pop Social Earnings, Hold Pop Genesis NFTs to Earn More $PPT

Pop Social unveils a new path to earn more $PPT with the Pop Genesis NFT multiplier strategy.

Pop Social always puts the community first! Our latest update to the $PPT earning model on the Pop DApp is in response to all your concerns. From the latest update, all active Poppers on the Pop DApp can claim all their hard-earned $PPT despite not holding any Pop Genesis NFTs. Henceforth, Pop Genesis NFT Collection holders can multiply their earnings based on the number of Pop Genesis NFTs they hold!

This move has been made thanks to all our loyal and dedicated users who continue to navigate the Pop Social ecosystem. We want you to know that we see you and we will always work on improving our platform to deliver the best experience to you. With this latest update, Pop Genesis NFT holders will enjoy an earning boost for each Pop Genesis NFT they hold in their Pop Wallets. This will give you the chance to earn way more than the daily base rate $PPT that non-Genesis NFT holders are currently earning.

Additionally, the NFT multiplier earning bonus will be calculated based on the rarity of the Genesis NFT as well as from the NFT Accessories it is equipped with. The rare the Genesis NFT and its Accessories, the greater your NFT multiplier earning boost! Let's take a closer look at the Pop Genesis NFT Collection and the mechanics behind the NFT multiplier boosts!

Have You Met the Pop Genesis Collections?

So far, the Pop Social team has released two Pop Genesis NFT Collections. These include the party-hard Popbits and the laid-back Cool Cappys. Both collections are Cybeast clans, which makes them native clans in CyberCity. They represent those who have made this space their home and have found thrill and comfort in this space.

We released Cybeasts collections first so our users could meet and relate to our native clans. Hone their spirits and bring life and solace into the Pop Social space. Thrive together as these clans have done in CyberCity for years and live in harmony. Together, the clans learn from each other and challenge each other to bring more joy and discover new ways to entertain one another.

Grow Your Pop Genesis NFT Collection

By holding a Cool Capybara NFT or a Popbit NFT, you will unlock many perks on the Pop Social ecosystem. These include unlocking NFT multiplier earnings, automatic whitelisting, an exclusive Pop DApp badge, priority access to Accessory NFTs, and access to exclusive merch. For Popbit holders, you get the added perks of gaining an early participation badge, and the title of a Founding Member of the Pop DAO.

The Popbit Genesis NFT Collection is limited to 1,000 pieces while the Cool Cappy Collection is limited to 3,000 pieces. Make sure to mint your Pop Genesis NFTs at a smaller price now before they're all minted, or head to an NFT marketplace to buy them at a market price. Now is the time to grow your Pop Genesis NFT collection. Give your $PPT earning strategy a massive boost!

How Does the NFT Multiplier Work?

All the NFTs you hold in your Pop Wallet on the Pop DApp will be given an NFT score. The NFT Scoring System determines how much more $PPT you can earn. Each NFT is assigned a fixed score value. This, along with the number of NFTs you hold, is used to calculate your earning boost using a modified exponential formula.

Meanwhile, Accessory NFTs come with their own scores. Additionally, each Pop Genesis NFT collection comes with its own set of Accessory NFTs. The Accessories will influence your earning boost based on their rarity. They are classified as Common (70%), Rare (23%), and Legendary (2%) Accessory NFTs. Thus, the latter ones would make more of an impact on your $PPT earning boost.

Accessory NFTs are COMING SOON

Keep your eyes and ears open for Accessory NFT release announcements on our official Pop Social channels. Until then, make sure to mint your Pop Genesis NFTs to grow your collection and give your $PPT earnings a mighty boost! When the time comes, you will Level Up like a shining Pop Star!

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