Pop Social: AI-Powered Web3 Social Gateway to Web3 Empowers Creators and Users with Pop Token
April 24, 2024

Pop Social: AI-Powered Web3 Social Gateway to Web3 Empowers Creators and Users with Pop Token

Pop Social uses Web3 and AI technology to help creators and users with their sustainable PPT token.

Pop Social is your AI-Powered Social Gateway to Web3. Our platform plays a fundamental role in the future of creativity. We empower both creators and users in our ecosystem by rewarding them with Pop Tokens (PPT) for actively engaging with the Pop DApp. We are redefining how creators and users interact with one another by bringing a new approach to social media and elevating the global push toward social decentralization and Web3 adoption.

We are incredibly humbled to have received so much support from industry leaders and professionals in the blockchain and Web3 community. Thanks to the incredible and active community, our project was recognized by a diverse group of industry leaders, including Fundamental Labs, Ceras Ventures, ChainLink, Cointelegraph, Fusion Labs, Promatrix Capital, Prysm Group, and angel investors from the ex-Binance and OKX executive teams. Together, Pop Social successfully raised a combined $4,000,000 in strategic and seed funding.

Accomplish More: Creators and PPT

Our native token PPT is a valuable asset that plays a crucial role in the Pop Social ecosystem. Serving as the primary on-chain reward mechanism, PPT holders can accomplish a myriad of traits. While all holders of PPT can earn and expend the tokens on leveling up their experiences and making purchases, Pop Creators can use PPT to accomplish even more.

For instance, Pop Creators can use PPT to ensure that your unique content will reach your niche audience. In turn, they can also give back to their fans and followers with exclusive giveaways for those who subscribe by staking PPT for premium content. Besides greater content exposure and raid-to-earn perks, you can also earn PPT for subscriptions, staking, and engagement with your content. Pop Creators can also use PPT to mint original Creator NFTs and boost campaigns and purchases.

PPT's Sustainable Tokenomics Model

The PPT token model establishes a dynamic and self-sustaining ecosystem that fosters meaningful interactions between users and creators. Our model was developed with the renowned Prysm Group's insight. The PPT tokenomics model introduces a feedback loop based on dynamic emissions, providing a strong incentive for user adoption and creator engagement. It also incorporates a delegated creator-staking governance model, forging deeper connections among ecosystem stakeholders and creators.

Pop Social Tokenomics Model

The Pop Social Treasury maintains the circulation of PPT within the Pop Social Ecosystem. Whenever users spend PPT, it finds its way to the Pop Treasury, contributing to the sustainable, long-term token economics of the ecosystem. The maximum supply for the PPT token is capped at 200,000,000, providing a controlled and predictable environment. The revenue generated on the Pop Social platform is primarily driven by Ad Tech, giving all users, creators, and organizations the opportunity to transform ads into a rewarding experience.

The Future of PPT

The Pop Social team is thrilled to be entering the PPT IDO and listing on launchpads and exchanges phase. This is a huge milestone that our project is heading towards after having completed two successful  PPT token sale rounds. In detail, Community Sale Round 1 sold out 1,920,000 PPT and raised $360,960 in less than 24 hours. Similarly, Community Sale Round 2 sold out 2,000,000 PPT and raised $400,000 in a little over 24 hours.

Both Community Sales got massive support from the Pop Social community. The resounding success has now propelled Pop Social to the era of IDO. The latest and first PPT IDO will take place on Bybit. A total of 250 Bybit users will have the chance to claim 2000 PPT. To participate, make sure your Bybit Wallet is holding 250 USDT (BNB Chain) and 0.1 BNB (BNB Chain) between October 16, 10 AM UTC, and October 24, 10 AM UTC. Failure to maintain this balance during the timeframe will result in ineligibility.

Get your assets in order on Bybit, and you could be one of the lucky 250 to get your hands on 2000 PPT at $0.1 per Pop Token!

Download the Pop DApp:

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