Fastest Growing SocialFi Platform Pop Social Platform Token Successfully Sold Out Within 24 Hours
April 24, 2024

Fastest Growing SocialFi Platform Pop Social Platform Token Successfully Sold Out Within 24 Hours

Pop Social announces the successful closing of Round 1 of the PPT Community Sale with $360k raised.

Pop Social recently opened the doors to its first-ever official token sale, known as the PPT Community Sale. Round 1 of the Community Sale has now reached a resounding close with all available PPT SOLD OUT! In detail, 1,920,000 million PPT have all been purchased at $0.188. In celebration, Pop Social is giving 3 iPhone Pro Max to 3 lucky investors from Round 1 of the Community Sale. Thank you to all our beloved Poppers and investors for bringing us through this huge milestone.

The next-generation AI social platform is home to over 150,000 registered users. With a combined 600,000 social and community members. With a global presence in over 180 countries, the Community Sale saw massive support from all corners of the globe. As a founding cohort and the largest SocialFi project on opBNB, Pop Social stands above the rest in the SocialFi realm, and this latest development is a testament to that position.

Round 2 will commence soon, stay tuned for details on our official channels. Get more PPT at $0.2 from a pool of 1,200,000 PPT. You don't want to miss another chance at grabbing PPT and possibly more exciting rewards. Subscribe to Round 2 now!

PPT Community Sale Round 1 successfully closes

What's Special About Pop Social?

Pop Social is a Web3 social media that runs on blockchain technology. By partnering and integrating with multiple blockchains, we offer multi-chain functionality. Our team works with the main core value of wanting to simplify the world of Web3, so we can make the onboarding process an easy one for all users entering the Web3 realm.

Our Pop Social DApp is geared to empower both content consumers and creators alike, so all Pop Social users can leverage content and ownership economy. We put you in the heart of our ecosystem so you can be in charge of your own content, own your intellectual property, and make the best of your time, innovation, and effort.

Using blockchain technology, our platform offers accountability and anonymity. All actions and creations are recorded immutably thus, giving you proof of participation, and guaranteeing your indisputable online reputation and social recognition.

Pop Social's robust roadmap is filled with tools and features that will help you thrive in this Web3 world bursting with creative potential. You can make the best of our sustainable ecosystem and leverage the tools we provide to break the barrier to creation. On Pop Social, anyone can be a creator. Monetize your time, tokenize your creativity, and innovate like never before!

What Can You Do With PPT?

The Pop Social Ecosystem runs smoothly all thanks to our native token, the Pop Token (PPT). PPT holders can use the token to accomplish much on the platform. Our users can earn and use PPT in multiple ways, be it as content creators or consumers. One of the greatest leverage of PPT is that holders can practice governance in the ecosystem.

The wonders of PPT

All Pop Social DApp users can constantly earn PPT by simply interacting with the app. You can earn PPT for posting, liking, commenting, sharing, following, inviting, and more. You can use PPT to level up your account, upgrade your Dynamic Pop NFTs, and personalize your avatar and account. Using PPT to complete these actions can lead to unlocking more features and can boost your Pop Social experience on the platform.

While users can use PPT to tip and stake to their favorite Pop Creators to unlock premium content, Pop Creators can use PPT to do giveaways and boost their content for more exposure. PPT is also used to cover subscription fees and can be used to mint original Creator NFTs which can be purchased by fans and followers for PPT.

Besides earning PPT via the Pop DApp, you can also earn or win PPT by being an active member of the Pop Community.

Everything You Can Do Now

Pop Social is all about keeping our dear Poppers excited and engaged. While the Community Sale is quite the sparkling event, we've got more for you to explore and participate in. A great way to stay on top of all our ongoing activities is to be an active member of all our social and community channels. We also have fun events in Galxe, Zealy, and Gleam every now and then, so make sure to follow us for updates!

One of our biggest events besides the PPT Community Sale is our exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass event. If you haven't already snagged yourself the first-ever Soulbound asset offered by Pop Social, then you can go grab your Pop Pilot Pass right now! You can even participate in Round 2 of the Pop Pilot Pass event to win a Treasure Chest full of PPT! Remember, your activity gives you the chance to win 1 out of 5 available Treasure Chests.

Make PPT Community Sale Round 2 an epic success

Up next, we've got a few more events that will focus on two main releases. One of these has to do with the debut of Pop Social's NFT Collection featuring the Cybeast entities going by the clan Popbits. Popbits play a dynamic role in the Pop Social Universe and Ecosystem and we cannot wait for you to meet them! They will soon appear as the Pop Genesis NFT Collection.

Following close after will be Pop Social's second Soulbound asset, the Pop Name Service (PNS). Keep an eye out for more details on this soon! Until then, we'd once again like to take a moment to thank you for the successful closing of Round 1 of the PPT Community Sale and look forward to seeing you in Round 2. Let's Pop it!

Download the Pop DApp:

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