Get a Closer Look at Pop Token's (PPT) Sustainable Tokenomics Model
May 31, 2024

Get a Closer Look at Pop Token's (PPT) Sustainable Tokenomics Model

Pop Social partnered with Prysm Group to design a sustainable tokenomics model for Pop Token (PPT).

Pop Social is the ultimate social gateway to Web3. Our platform bridges the gap between traditional social media and the Web3 shared social experience. Through democratizing content ownership and powering the creator economy, we aim to bring the next billion users to Web3. To maintain a cohesive balance between our users and ecosystem, we use our native token, the Pop Token (PPT).

Pop rewards all stakeholders who contribute value to the ecosystem with PPT. This maximizes the use of the network effects of a content reward platform to bootstrap the growth and health of the network. Pop Social’s token design is based on the ideology of building a world-class SocialFi token model that is self-sustainable and has healthy long-term emissions for all stakeholders.

Prysm Partnership for a Sustainable PPT Economic Model

In order to deliver a promising and sustainable tokenomics model, Pop Social struck a partnership with the renowned Prysm Group. Prysm has a long list of prominent partners who've been thriving in the Web3 realm for a few years now. By working with Prysm, we now proudly present our Pop Token (PPT) Economic Model. Before we get into the tokenomics breakdown, let's highlight some of PPT's core ideals.

Pop Social and Prysm Group present sustainable PPT tokeconomics

Innovative mechanics was a huge core ideal for our PPT economic model. The Pop team wished to deliver a token that went beyond basic requirements, but rather something that offered more than existing models on the market. The Pop platform’s native token features a tailored token model that turbocharges the relationship between users and creators.

Moreover, our model creates a sustainable positive feedback loop based on dynamic emissions; acting as a flywheel for user adoption and creator engagement. In addition, PPT holders can participate in a delegated creator-staking governance model resulting in deep engagement between ecosystem stakeholders and creators.

Pop Token (PPT) Tokenomics Breakdown

Let's dive into Pop's revolutionary tokenomics. Thanks to our partnership with Prysm Group, the Pop team ensures a sustainable economic model for our Pop Token (PPT). The maximum supply for the PPT token is capped at 200,000,000. This limit ensures that the value of the token is preserved, contributing to the overall sustainability of the tokenomics system.

Pop Token's (PPT) tokenomics model

Out of this 200 million, 70 million is allocated for the Pop Social Ecosystem. The Pop Ecosystem reserve will be used as dual token protocol incentives for users and curated content creators to participate in the Pop ecosystem linearly released over 5 years.

Meanwhile, 60 million is set aside for Foundation Reserve. The use of the Foundation Reserve will be for market operations, marketing, and partnerships and will be decided by the community and team via governance voting. Funding will also be allocated for LP operations to provide liquidity and reduce volatility as needed.

Likewise, 10 million is reserved for Strategic Round to fund development operations, community incentives, partnerships, research, and development. Similarly, 30 million is set aside for the Developer Team. The Developer team will retain 15% of tokens for early contributors to Pop and founders. These tokens will help the team improve the protocol for its lifetime together with the entire Pop community. These tokens will be locked for the first six months and then linearly released over the course of 36 months.

Accordingly, 4 million is reserved for Advisors to reward Pop advisors who help to build strategic partnerships with the Pop ecosystem, fundraising, and Creator relations. Also, 6 million is strictly reserved for Airdrops to reward early users and provide flexibility for project operations.

Lastly, the Pop Treasury gets 4,594,286 million. The Pop Treasury serves as a self-sustaining foundation that powers the social economy of the Pop platform. It collects all platform fees, revenues, and token consumption, and then uses these to emit further tokens once the initial token emissions period is over.

Finally, the remaining PPT supply is divided accordingly: Launchpads/IDO (5,405,714 million), and for Market Making (10 million).

Pop Token (PPT) Utilities

Our PPT tokenomics system is designed to incentivize both users and creators. It offers a more dynamic rewards mechanism compared to traditional social media and encourages user adoption and creator engagement, which are crucial for the sustainability of the platform. Above all, it is important to note that PPT is a multi-utility token.

For instance, it covers purchasing and minting NFTs, tipping creators and viewing premium content, bridging a highly engaged audience to advertisers, and so much more. This widespread utility ensures a consistent demand for the token, supporting its long-term viability. It also provides a dynamic balance between Pop Social Creators and users on the Pop DApp paving a path to a vibrant future for the Pop Social Ecosystem.

The Pop Social Ecosystem runs smoothly with PPT

Check out more about the Pop Token on our Guide to PPT blog. You can also delve deeper into our blog section to see how Pop DApp users can earn PPT and how Pop Creators, in particular, can benefit from using and holding PPT. If you're hoping to skip ahead and pump your PPT bag to get around the collection of all the current Pop DApp users, then keep an eye out for our Community Sale and IDO where you can get your PPT directly.

Until then, make sure to grab your exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass and prepare for Pop Social's second Soulbound asset, the Pop Naming Service (PNS)! If you've already passed that phase and are instead climbing up the Leaderboard for your Treasure Chest, then feel free to participate in our other ongoing events on Zealy to secure your Pop Genesis NFT Whitelist or on Discord and TwitterX to win exclusive merch and other fun perks. We've got so much in store for you dear Poppers, stay tuned!

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