Pop Social Releases Exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass, Claim Yours Now
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Releases Exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass, Claim Yours Now

Pop Social introduces the non-tradeable Soulboud Pop Pilot Pass. Here's how you can claim yours.

The Pop Social Ecosystem is taking one step closer to its official unveiling. Since the start of our journey, we have promised our users many perks that will enhance your traditional social media experience with the added perks of the Web3 realm. These perks include Pop Tokens (PPT), content ownership, dynamic NFTs, engage-to-earn, Web3 perks, and much more.

Now, we have reached a point in our journey to mark a new milestone. Poppers across the world, are you ready to claim your Soulbound Pop Social token? Get ready to claim true social recognition by claiming your reputation, titles, and achievements in the form of exclusive Pop Social digital assets that mark proof of participation!

So, why should you make sure to snatch up your Pop Social Soulbound token? Well, to make airdrops a simple, fair, and streamlined process, we'll be making the majority of our Pop Social airdrops available to these non-tradable token holders. So if you're patiently holding out for your PPT and Pop Social NFTs earned prior to today, then you should definitely grab your Pop Social Pilot pass.

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How To Participate

To welcome this epic milestone, we're opening two quests for all Pop Social users! Complete these quests to be the first Pop Social users to claim an exclusive Pop Social Pilot pass. Note that Quest 2 will only be available to you upon the completion of Quest 1. The Pop Pilot Quests will open on August 30, 2023 and will run till November 31, 2023. That's right Poppers, you've got two months to complete your quests and dominate the leaderboard!

Mint Your Pop Pilot Pass Here: https://popsocial.io

How It Works

You start your adventure to claim your Pop Social Pilot pass by completing Quest 1. As you can see on the token claim page, this quest is simple. Follow the Pop Social official Twitter page and Join the Pop Social official Telegram and Discord channels and you're done! By completing this quest, you can claim the first Pop Social token, which is the Pop Pilot Pass.

The Pop Pilot Pass is a significant token to hold. After all, it reflects the Pop Social lore of how the Pop Pilot Pass acted as a beacon to every future member of CyberCity. Most Cyphers who made their way towards CyberCity received a beacon message which arrived in the form of a holographic pass that led them to the location of CyberCity. Now you, a Pop Social user, hold the same honor.

Claim your Pop Pilot Pass now

Completing the Quests

Upon completing Quest 1 and claiming the Pop Pilot Pass, you will automatically be blessed with exclusive Pop Social perks. These include gaining access to the following Pop Pilot Pass utilities:

  1. Proof of Early Participation
  2. Proof of CyberCity Citizenship
  3. Exclusive Merch Early Access & Free Drop
  4. Pop Pioneer NFT WL Raffle (300 pieces Free Mint Premium NFT collection)

Once you have claimed your Pop Pilot Pass, Quest 2 will be open to you. This takes you to a leaderboard where your goal is to get to the top! You will each receive a personally generated link. Use this link to invite everyone you know to the page. The more invitees click your personal link, the higher up you get on the leaderboard!

Quest 2 unlocks the chance for you to win high in an Invitation Contest. You can claim 1 of 5 Treasure Chests based on your rank on the leaderboard! Get your names high on the leaderboard to guarantee your Treasure Chest claim. Claiming a Treasure Chest will guarantee you tokens, NFTs, and other exclusive perks including, but not limited to, early access to new app features such as AI tools, and so forth. Remember, the greater the chest you claim, the greater the prizes!

The leaderboard will keep track of your ranks, and set slots will unlock set Treasure Chests. Please be aware that all Treasure Chests will be available to mint after the Pop Pilot campaign comes to an end.

The ranking of the Treasure Chests goes like this:

  1. Diamond (Rank 1-500)
  2. Platinum (Rank 501-1000)
  3. Crystal (Rank 1001-2000)
  4. Titanium (Rank 2001-3000)
  5. Obsidian (Rank 3001-Last)
Your Treasure Chests await you

Please note that to qualify for a Treasure Chest, you need to have a minimum of 5 invitees click your link. Invite more to climb the ranks and secure your position for the shiniest Treasure Chest. Let your inner adventurer come alive and take on these quests with vigor! Claim your pass, invite your friends, and conquer the leaderboard.

Don't miss out! Claim your Pop Pilot Pass and generate your personal link now: www.popsocial.io

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