Pop Social Announces Official Pop Token (PPT) Community Sale
May 31, 2024

Pop Social Announces Official Pop Token (PPT) Community Sale

Pop Social announces the Pop Token (PPT) Community Sale, get your PPT directly from the Pop Social website.

As Pop Social grows closer to its mainnet launch, the time has come to announce the official launch of our token listing. Indeed, this is massive news for Poppers all across the world. We've been looking forward to this moment throughout our journey. Now finally, we are reaching this epic milestone. In celebration of the Pop Token listing, we're celebrating with our dearest Pop community with a Community Sale right here on the Pop Social website!

What Is the Pop Social Community Sale?

Big fan of Pop Social? You've made the right decision. The Pop Social Community Sale is about to make its grand debut. This is your chance to get your hands on Pop Tokens (PPT) and you can get them directly from the source. The Pop team is giving our beloved Pop community the chance to buy PPT directly from the Pop Social website! Here's what's up:

  1. 3.12 million out of 200 million PPT are available for purchase on the Pop Social website
  2. PPT will be on BSC making it a BEP-20 standard token
  3. You can buy PPT using the USDT and USDC stablecoins
  4. PPT will be listed on CEXs and DEXs after the Community Sale
Purchase PPT from the Pop Social website

The purchased PPT will be locked upon completing your payment transaction. You will receive 15% of your purchased PPT from the Community Sale during the Token Generation Event. The remaining 85% of your tokens will be vested over the following 9 months.

Pop Social Community Sale in 2 Rounds

Round 1 will take place between September 19, 14:00 to September 22, 14:00 UTC. In this round, you can purchase PPT for $0.188 from a pool of 1,920,000 PPT. Similarly, Round 2 will begin on September 24, 14:00 UTC, and will after 72 hours from the start time. In this round, you can purchase PPT for $0.2 from a pool of 2,000,000. While Round 1 aims to raise $360,960, Round 2 aims to raise $400,000. Round 2 participants will have the added bonus of placing max deposits of $5,000.

Details of the Pop Social Community Sale

Pop Social is headed for the moon and we want to give back to our amazing community for helping us to reach our mission. We have no doubt that our wonderfully dedicated community will help us reach this goal.

The Pop Token (PPT) Comes With Multiple Utilities

The Pop Token (PPT) comes with many use cases on and off the Pop Social Ecosystem. Off-chain, PPT can be swapped and traded. Meanwhile, PPT holders in the Pop Social Ecosystem can put their PPT to use on the Pop DApp. For one, it is important to note that Pop Creators and Pop users can use PPT in different ways.

Specifically, Pop users can stake their PPT to creators and subscribe to premium content from their favorite creators. They can also tip creators for making fun, informative, and exciting content. PPT can also be used to make purchases on the Pop DApp, be it for exclusive content and merch from Pop Creators, for making purchases from the Pop NFT Marketplace, or unlocking other features on the Pop DApp.

Similarly, Pop Creators can use their PPT to give back to their fans. They can host giveaway events and raid-to-earn contests. They can also use their PPT to mint original Creator NFTs on the Pop Social Ecosystem. Creator PPT will make its way back to the Pop Treasury based on boost and campaign purchases, NFT minting fees, and taxed revenue from subscriptions.

Pop Creators and users can utilize PPT in many ways

As for shared perks, both Pop Creators and users can use PPT to level up their account, unlock Treasure Chests, meet NFT Marketplace fees, process fiat on-ramp fees, transfer PPT to other users, make purchases on the Pop DApp, and hold practice governance. However, it is important to note that when it comes to governance, earned PPT holds a greater weight in comparison to purchased PPT. This is the only difference between earned PPT and purchased PPT.

Ready To Go All In With Pop Social?

The Pop Social Ecosystem has been steadily building over the past year. We are welcoming new Poppers every day and as we approach our mainnet and token launch date, we are eager to have all our users informed and excited. The PPT Community Sale is a huge milestone for us and we are so grateful to have you be a part of this amazing journey.

While we wait for the promised day, there is so much more you could be celebrating with the Pop Social community. Presently, we have our Pop Pilot Pass campaign in full swing. If you've already claimed your exclusive Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass, you should already be dominating the leaderboard in Quest 2 to lay claim over your Treasure Chest. There are 5 Treasure Chests you could win from. Make sure to check out our website and follow through!

You could also head over to the Pop Star page to verify your account and become an official Pop Social Creator. Enjoy higher perks and become a Pop Community leader. Set the standard high for trends and beat your own bar in the entertainment game! We'll also soon be announcing events related to the Pop Genesis NFT Collection. Are you ready to party with the Popbits, the wildest of the Cybeasts? Stay tuned for more epic announcements.

Pop Tokens await you, see you at the Pop Social PPT Community Sale!

Download the Pop DApp:

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