Pop Social Closes Another Successful Token Sale Round Raising $400K with opBNB to Boost Web3 SocialFi
April 24, 2024

Pop Social Closes Another Successful Token Sale Round Raising $400K with opBNB to Boost Web3 SocialFi

Pop Social raises $400,000 after selling out 2 million PPT in another successful Community Sale Round.

The next-generation AI social platform, Pop Social just opened the second round of its token sale on October 2, 2023. Much like Round 1, Pop Social's Community Sale Round 2 took place on its official website. After the massive and speedy success of Round 1, the team is beyond thrilled to announce the successful closing of Round 2 in just over 28 hours.

In detail, Round 2 of the Community Sale reached a resounding close with all available PPT SOLD OUT! This means that all 2,000,000 PPT allocated for Round 2 are gone. While Round 1 sold out 1,920,000 million PPT, each worth $0.188 in under 24 hours, Round 2 sold out 2 million PPT for $0.2 in 28 hours.

Pop Social is proud to welcome a massive Web3 community with the unwavering support of Binance Smart Chain and the speed of opBNB. As a founding cohort and the largest SocialFi project on opBNB, Pop Social stands above the rest in the SocialFi realm, and this latest development is an added testament to that position.

Join 1 Million PPT Airdrop Celebration

To give back to opBNB as well as Pop Social Community Sale participants, Pop Social has announced a 1 Million PPT Airdrop to celebrate! Specifically, all participants who bought PPT during the Community Sale via the opBNB Chain will qualify for the 1 Million PPT Airdrop.

In addition, Pop Pilot Pass holders who minted this exclusive Soulbound token via opBNB will also make the cut to participate in the 1 Million PPT Airdrop. So, if you missed out on the Community Sale Rounds, go mint your Pop Pilot Pass on opBNB to qualify for the 1 Million PPT Airdrop.

Celebrate with us by minting your Pop Pilot Pass on opBNB

When to Claim Your Pop Tokens (PPT)

Participants of both Round 1 and Round 2 of the PPT Community Sale will get their PPT in a pre-set scheduled manner. Your tokens will come to you on the day of our Token Generation Event (TGE). On this day you will receive 15% of your PPT purchase. Following this, your PPT will come to you in equal amounts over the next nine months. The more PPT you purchased, the greater your PPT share during this time.

As you receive your PPT, you'll want to keep them close. Talk to the Pop Community on Discord if you'd like to seek advice. You can also explore the Pop DApp to discover the many ways you can make the best of your PPT holdings. Our official blog is also filled with resources on how you can put your PPT to use as a Pop Social Creator, an official Pop Star, or a valued everyday Pop DApp user. For instance, you can use PPT to level up your profile and earn PPT at a faster rate.

What To Expect Next

Having realized another incredible milestone, the Pop Social team is looking forward to what will follow the Community Sale. All Community Sale participants will be eagerly looking forward to the Token Generation Event. While this is the next exciting milestone for Pop Social, the team is already setting its sights on its official PPT IDO across partner launchpads and exchanges. This official listing across multiple platforms will further catapult Pop Social's rapidly growing global success.

Besides this, the Pop Social Community can also expect other epic announcements such as the winners of the $5,000 commitment prize packages during Round 2 of the Community Sale, the proud new Pop Star badge holders who helped spread the PPT Community Sale word, the second Pop Social Soulbound token, and much more.

Stay tuned Poppers!

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