Pop Social Joins Hands With Cointelegraph Accelerator, the Partners Forge Ahead
March 26, 2024

Pop Social Joins Hands With Cointelegraph Accelerator, the Partners Forge Ahead

Pop Social joins hands with Cointelegraph Accelerator. Together they will usher the next billion users to Web3.

Pop Social is joining forces with Cointelegraph Accelerator. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with this renowned entity in the crypto space. Together we will work towards ushering the next billion users to Web3 social media and power our journey to bridging traditional online social spaces with the Web3 shared social experience.

The Pop Social Ecosystem and community saw fast growth in just the last few weeks alone. Now, the Pop Team is more thrilled than ever to welcome our community into the next phase of our roadmap. Thus, our partnership with Cointelegraph Accelerator gives us the added leverage of supporting rapid development on our platform.

Pop Social joines forces with Cointelegraph Accelerator

No doubt, the increase in the growth of Web3, crypto, and blockchain projects has ushered in an age of new projects on a nearly daily basis. While it is great to see innovation spark around us, it is also important to find support to fund these projects. This is what Cointelegraph Accelerator aims to do.

Having established Cointelegraph as a leader in the space, the entity is now extending hands to lift other sparking projects with incredible underlying potential. Pop Social is proud to have met this standard and looks forward to bringing incredible opportunities for everyone in the space.

Presently, Pop Social is nearing the launch of its official Community Sale at September 19th 14:00 UTC to support its multi-utility native token, Pop Token (PPT). The Community Sale gives the world a chance to buy and hold PPT before the token has its IDO and makes its debut on launchpads and exchanges. Holding Pop Tokens (PPT) gives holders a variety of unique utilities in the Pop Social ecosystem.

Pop Social is already delivering on its core value of empowering creators and users alike with its many features and events on and off of the Pop DApp. The Pop Star campaign boosts creators' presence on the platform while the launch of the exclusive Souldbound Pop Pilot Pass is opening users on the platform to the wonders of proof of participation.

Pop will soon debut its next Soulbound asset, the Pop Name Service (PNS) The PNS feature is a golden ticket that gives its holders a unified social identity. Thus, making our PNS an identity-centric Stablecoin for users to Chain their Agnostic Social Identities. Following this, Pop will also release the first of its NFTs as Popbits. These Genesis NFTs will unlock a whole new world for its holders.

Join our official community channels and join in on the excitement with the Pop Community on Twitter and Discord!

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