Pop Celebrates Innovation with Exclusive Rewards for BRC-20 and XPET Holders
May 31, 2024

Pop Celebrates Innovation with Exclusive Rewards for BRC-20 and XPET Holders

Pop Social is giving away 25 PPT to those holding top BRC-20 tokens to celebrate Web3 innovation.

Pop Social is a strong supporter of Web3 innovation. By bringing top-notch features assimilated with the latest tech into the Pop Social ecosystem, we aim to bring only the best to our users. In the same spirit, we appreciate seeing innovation in the space and celebrate early adoption by members of our community.

Presently, Ordinals, Inscriptions and xPet are leading the innovation front. To celebrate our community's active participation in this innovative effort, we'd like to celebrate our partnership with fellow innovative Web3 projects! In line with this, we're giving PPT redeem codes for all our users holding some of the top BRC-20 tokens. Show proof and claim your rewards Poppers!

How to Qualify  

If you hold any of these top BRC-20 tokens: ORDI (ORD), SATS (1000SATS), Multibit (MUBI), rats (rats), Bitcoin Cats (1CAT), xPET tech (XPET), or an XPET NFT, then you are eligible to claim your 25 PPT redeem code.

How to Claim

1. Join any of our official WeChat Pop Social groups

2. Join our official Telegram channel

3. Open a ticket on our official Discord

4. Show proof of holding any of the above-mentioned BRC-20 tokens

5. Get your 25 PPT redeem code

Claim Your PPT

You can head to the Pop Social DApp and use your redeem code here to claim your specially earned 25 PPT! Once claimed, you can put your PPT to use! Pop Tokens (PPT) have multi-utility in the Pop Social Ecosystem.

Claim your PPT and put them to action!

For instance, you can use your PPT to Level Up your account on the Pop Social app. By Leveling Up, you not only boost your earning capabilities with each Level Up, but you can also unlock additional perks on the platform at certain specific levels. Pop Ambassadors, in particular, can enter a higher Pop Ambassador tier by meeting set levels.

In addition, you can also swap your PPT to trade in the crypto market, or to make Web3 purchases, or even use these funds to mint a Pop Genesis NFT. Holding multiple Pop NFTs gives you another PPT earning boost. Furthermore, you could even use your PPT to unlock Treasure Chests on the platform. This feature will be available soon!

By opening Treasure Chests you can obtain Accessory NFTs for your Pop Genesis NFT (Popbits and Cool Cappys), which will further boost your PPT earning rate! Accessory NFTs are unique to each Pop NFT Collection and come with their own rarity tiers giving you higher chances for PPT earning boosts. Lastly, you are also free to simply hold onto your PPT. After all, new uses for PPT are always being unveiled. For example, you could use your PPT to stake when you enter the Pop DAO.

As always Poppers we thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, and dedication to our project. Be assured that more incredible surprises are underway for our beloved community. Until then, feel free to treat yourself to some official Pop Social Merch at the Pop Shop. Winning contests and visiting events are no longer your only options for showing your Pop Pride! Pop Stars can even collaborate with the Pop Shop to start their own fashion line + NFT accessory for phygital rewards to their followers! Stay tuned and happy Popping!

Download the Pop DApp:

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