Pop Pilot Pass Will Run on ZkSync Era, Let's Get Educational About Layer 2
May 31, 2024

Pop Pilot Pass Will Run on ZkSync Era, Let's Get Educational About Layer 2

Pop Social is dropping its Soulboud Pop Pilot Pass which will run on the ZkSync Era chain.

The Pop Social team is thrilled to see such excitement around the announcement of our Soulbound Pop Pilot Pass. Indeed, it is lovely seeing such enthusiastic participation from Poppers across the world! Our team has worked really hard to develop this non-tradeable exclusive Soulbound token for you. Surely, everyone is excited about securing their Pop Pilot Pass spot by participating in our Soulbound token event.

Of course, we've heard all your questions about the technical aspects of the Pop Pilot Pass. How does this Souldbound NFT work? Where is it minted and how does it get to your wallet? Well, Pop Social is happy to announce that the Pop Pilot Pass is running on ZkSync. What's that? How does that work with the Pop Social Ecosystem?

Well, the Pop Social philosophy is all about simplifying Web3 complexities and creating a smooth and seamless experience for new Web3 explorers without any tech-heavy jargon. Consider this educational blog to walk you through the journey of the Pop Pilot Pass.

Understanding Layer 2 Solutions

If you recall the blockchain trifecta, there are three crucial elements that can ensure the building of a strong, near perfect, blockchain. These three elements are decentralization, scalability, and security. In their early stages, blockchains often lack one of these elements. In the case of the Ethereum network, its challenge was scalability. As more users entered the Ethereum blockchain, the more scalability issues it faced. These issues include slow transactions, high gas fees, and congested user traffic.

Blockchain builders had to come up with a solution to maximize transaction speeds to accommodate the incoming traffic and lower gas fees. The solution they came up with was using Layer 2 chains. Thus, L2 solutions gave Ethereum a shot at fixing the blockchain trilemma. It was already decentralized, L2 solutions offer scalability, and in this example, the L2 solutions get their security from the existing Ethereum network it connects to.

How L2 Solutions Work

To put it simply, Layer 2 solutions/protocols sit on top of the Layer 1 blockchain network, in this case, the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, L2 chains that run on top of Ethereum would help resolve its scalability issue. The purpose of L2 chains is to tap into the information on the L1 chain without compromising transaction integrity. To do so, the two chains communicate via validity proof, also known as ZK (Zero Knowledge) proofs.

This is a technique where two entities speak to one another to find out they both have the same information without revealing they have the same information. How does that work? Think of early Tumblr users. They would speak in code in real life to reveal to one another that they are in fact Tumblr users without saying it out loud. They did so when one party said "I like your shoelaces" and if the respondent said "Thank you, I got them from the President", then there you have it. This is knowledge only Tumblr users had back then. Thus, giving us a perfect example of ZK proof, in real offline action.

Pop Pilot Pass will run on ZkSync Era

ZK proofs also go by ZK rollups or ZkSync. Thus, we now live in the ZkSync Era, a groundbreaking approach to scalability within blockchain networks. In particular, ZKSync is its own L2 blockchain protocol that is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible. This simply means that the protocol or blockchain can communicate with Ethereum chains.

Since the Pop Social Ecosystem runs on the BSC network and is integrated with Polygon and opBNB, all EVM-compatible chains, this means Pop Social offers seamless interaction to the ZkSync Era. That's where your Pop Pilot Pass is minted and travels through the necessary integrated Pop Social Network to get to your Pop Social Wallet.

Pop Pilot Pass Powers and Perks

The Pop Pilot Pass is a Soulbound token. This means that once a Pop Pilot Pass is claimed, it will forever be yours and yours alone. It can not be traded and the blockchain will always link it to your account alone. Soulbound tokens are one of the amazing assets that come with blockchain technology. It can give you social proof that can never be denied or taken away.

By holding a Soulbound token, you can flex your hard-earned social recognition and reputation. Specifically, in the context of the Pop Pilot Pass, it gives you proof of participation. Only Poppers who complete Quest 1 of the Pop Pilot Pass event will secure their exclusive Pop Pilot Pass.

Have you secured your Pop Pilot Pass?

By attaining one, they gain exclusive perks such as access to exclusive NFT drops, exclusive merch drops, hold proof of CyberCity Citizenship, and will also be able to automatically enter Pop Pioneed NFT raffles.

Upon claiming a Pop Pilot Pass, Poppers will then qualify for Quest 2 of the Pop Pilot Pass event. This quest unlocks the chance to win high PPT in an Invitation Contest. The more invitees you bring to the Pop DApp and the Pop Social Ecosystem, the higher you can climb on the leaderboard. Read more refined details of the Pop Pilot Pass event and get in on some exciting and healthy competition.

Make sure to connect with fellow Poppers, become verified Pop Stars, and collaborate with other creators. You'll definitely get a leg up on other Pop Social events by staying active with the Pop community on our Twitter and Discord channels. We've got plenty more competitions for you on and off the Pop DApp so keep an eye out and stay vigilant Poppers! But, most importantly, enjoy yourselves!

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